Niho Taniwha - Dental Clinic

All enrolled patients at Te Kāika Forbury and Mataora as well as clients of Ārai Te Uru Whare Hauora have access to Te Kāika's dental clinic - Niho Taniwha.

Dental STAFF

  • Gary Marks (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-5pm)
  • Malcolm Dacker (Wednesday 9-5pm)
  • Lynda Wixon (Friday 9-5pm)
  • Three - Four 5th Year Dental Students (Final Year)

Dental Assistants

  • Sharron Galvin
  • Natasha Wilson

Dental Costs

Dental costs are similar to that of the Otago University Faculty of Dentistry. External link below. Please note that any payment details for setting up automatic payments will differ, so please ask Te Kāika reception staff for this detail. 

Faculty of Dentistry Rough Costs. 

Please note currently we are unable to make appointments with you via email or facebook, as soon as we have a patient portal up and running we will let you know. 

03 4719 960 press 3 for the dental clinic.